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How could a parent seek back child support?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | blog

Child support plays a pivotal role in the care of young ones. Monthly child support payments may not arrive on time, if at all. Sometimes, custodial parents in Delaware could find child support payment arrears piling up. Excuses might do no good, as a child’s education, health, and other necessities end up suffering. Is there a way for the parent to get the back child support payments owed?

Taking action to acquire child support payments

One mistake a parent could make may involve letting too much time pass before requesting back child support. The amount might continue to grow until taking action. State and federal laws provide remedies for those owed back child support, and it makes sense to explore legal remedies for collection.

The law provides options for automatic child support withholdings, which means the money may come out of paychecks, bonuses, and the like. If no provision for automatic payment deductions exists, then taking action to request the action might be worth pursuing. An attorney could assist with the necessary steps required to set up automatic deductions. Doing so without delay seems advisable, as recovering a significant amount of debt may prove challenging.

And yes, back child support is a form of debt. The creditor has rights regarding collecting. That’s something a parent might best not forget.

Liens and levies

Liens and levies may come into play to collect back child support. If the child support office takes such actions, then tax refunds might be seized to pay the past-due debt. Liens could go against homes, and even assets may end up ordered sold.

The serious nature of child support drives these rules. Child support may pay for a young person’s food and medicine. So, the authorities provide ways to procure money owed. Sadly, some parents won’t pay unless forced. Excuses may serve as nothing more than a way to buy time to skip a debt. Parents owed the funds could find the other parent squandered the money. Had a lien or automatic deduction been in place, things could have turned out differently.

A family law attorney may provide a parent with advice on how to seek back child support. Learning available options may precede taking action.