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Ways a DUI can negatively impact your life

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Firm News

Drunk driving is against the law. It is similarly forbidden to do drugs and get behind the wheel. Inebriated drivers are always more prone to having accidents.

Less understood are the consequences of having a DUI on your record. A desire to avoid them should be enough to make would-be violators alter their behavior.

Loss of job opportunities

A conviction of driving under the influence may hamper your employment prospects. Nowadays, human resources departments perform background checks on applicants. Recruiters use any excuse to throw a resume in the trash. Your current employer might discover this transgression and rethink promoting you. Business travel might become restricted.

Higher car insurance

Guilty verdicts in DUI cases always cause insurance rates to rise. How much your payments balloon depends on your insurer. The state where you live also plays a role. Whatever the situation, you can expect car insurance bills to nearly double.

Civil lawsuits

Criminal charges are likely when a crash is the cause of serious injury. On top of this, there may be a civil lawsuit. Someone whose life is now different because of your actions may seek compensation. Getting dragged into defending yourself is a massive emotional drain. Losing a courtroom battle could be devastating. The figure a judge orders you to pay might push retirement far beyond reach.

The desire to mitigate harm ought to dissuade people from driving while intoxicated. If not, there are other reasons for not breaking the law. Remember the drawbacks of a DUI the next time you leave a party where revelers are drinking and doing drugs.