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What are the penalties for repeat DUI offenses?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2021 | blog

In an ideal world, when a person gets a driving under the influence conviction, that person learns their lesson and never repeats that mistake. In the real world, about one-third of all drivers arrested for DUI are repeat offenders.

In the state of Delaware, the penalties for repeat DUIs are more severe than for a first-time conviction.

Penalties for a second DUI conviction

A person convicted of a second DUI offense in Delaware faces a fine of $750 to $2,500 and a prison sentence of 60 days to 18 months. Additionally, the DMV may suspend the offender’s license for a length of time that varies depending on what that person’s blood alcohol content was. If the BAC was between .08 and .15, the suspension is for 18 months. For a BAC between .15 and .20, it is 24 months. For a BAC that is .20 or higher, it is 30 months. In all cases, the offender will not be able to legally drive for 60 days. After 60 days, repeat DUI offenders must install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles, obtain an IID license from the DMV and utilize the IID for the rest of the suspension period.

Penalties for a third DUI

A third DUI is a felony offense that comes with at least 90 days in prison. The penalties continue to increase with each successive DUI after a third conviction.

Because the penalties keep increasing with additional convictions, drivers who are struggling with alcohol may want to consider seeking professional assistance.