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Taking An Aggressive Approach To DUI Cases

If you have been arrested and charged with drunk driving or drug-impaired driving, you will need the legal services of a qualified attorney to fight those charges and minimize the negative consequences you may be facing. A DUI is a serious matter that can result in significant fines, loss of license and more. For those with a commercial driver’s license (CDL), a DUI will almost certainly mean the loss of employment.

It is crucial that you contact a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney as soon as possible. In DUI cases, time is of the essence as you may lose your driver’s license if you don’t act quickly. At the Law Offices of Amanda L. H. Brinton LLC, Ms. Brinton has the experience and legal abilities you will need for a strong legal defense, whether this is your first DUI offense or a subsequent one.

Helping You Deal With The Consequences Of A DUI

In a DUI case, you are facing the possibility of court costs, fines, probation, jail time, and a permanent criminal record which can affect future employment, educational, and even housing opportunities. It is important in your case to retain the services of an attorney who knows and has dealt with DUI cases in the local courts of the county where you are charged. With over a decade of experience, Ms. Brinton is fully versed in DUI case law and is familiar with the local court systems.

If you are a first time offender, you face penalties of up to six months in jail, fines between $230 and $1150, and loss of your license for up to 12 months. Additional costs include fees to get your license back, alcohol education or treatment program fees, increased insurance rates, time and money lost from work, finding alternative transportation, and a possible ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle at your own expense.

If you are a repeat offender or if your DUI involved an accident where another was injured or killed, you will most probably be facing much more severe penalties. In these situations, the experience of a strong and dedicated attorney is invaluable.

Get The Tough Defense You Need

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