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Making divorce a faster process

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2021 | blog

If you are looking to divorce your spouse, you may find that the process is long and arduous. For one, you and your spouse must endure at least six months of separation before starting the official process in Delaware. Then you have to hope that the court is not backed up with other proceedings, as it can take around three months to finalize everything.

However, divorce does not have to slog along and bother you forever. There are some courses of action you can take to get the process out of the way sooner.


There may be some terms and conditions of your divorce that you would like to contest. You and your spouse may not agree on what is best for your kids, how alimony should be handled and so on. It is no secret that disputes can complicate a divorce and make things longer than they need to be. While you do not have to give in to issues that you are not happy with, it helps to prioritize your concerns, give information when the court requests it and be punctual with court dates. Being as cooperative as possible can speed things up a great deal.

Preemptive measures

Of course, an uncontested divorce is ideal if you would like to save money, time and stress. Instead of taking your concerns directly to court, you can try to settle them with your spouse beforehand. You may not agree on everything, but it helps to sweep as much under the rug as possible.

Not facing issues head-on can make divorce court grueling and cumbersome. The better you can negotiate with your spouse, the faster and easier the overall process will be.