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Planning For The Dissolution Of Marriage

The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one. If you are contemplating a divorce, you most probably will want to know how this decision will impact your life, the lives of any children you may have, your finances, and more. The wisest action you can take is to consult with an experienced lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Amanda L. H. Brinton LLC, your questions will be answered by a family law attorney who is dedicated to helping her clients navigate the divorce process as smoothly and with as little stress as possible.

Serving clients in Wilmington and across Delaware for more than a decade, we assist clients with everything from filing for divorce to finalizing it and every step in between.

Personalized Counsel From A Knowledgeable Divorce Lawyer

We are committed to approaching every situation with an eye towards our clients’ needs.

Ms. Brinton closely collaborates with clients to craft individualized plans and strategies that take into consideration all aspects of divorce and its repercussions, from tax and financial implications to child support and custody questions.

Often, the least damaging and stressful way to dissolve your marriage may be to reach an out-of-court settlement with your spouse which avoids the expense, hostility and uncertainty of a trial. As a seasoned divorce attorney, Ms. Brinton can help you with this process. If this cannot be achieved, however, she will represent you in court in divorce litigation, advocating for your best interests.

Understanding Delaware’s No-Fault Divorce Law

Our firm can help you navigate Delaware’s no-fault divorce law and guide you through an uncontested divorce. If necessary, we can engage in mediation to better settle affairs. And if needed, Ms. Brinton will step in court on your behalf.

Divorce And Children

Divorce can affect all areas of your life, especially when you are a parent. We can help you make important decisions in matters that affect your children, including child custody and visitation, and child support.

We will work tirelessly to protect your relationships with your children, working toward solutions that keep their best interests in mind.

Call Us If You’re Thinking Of Filing For Divorce

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