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Comprehensive Assistance In Civil Litigation Matters

Are you involved in a dispute with another party which needs to be resolved in civil court? If you need to take legal action against another individual, group or business entity, you will need an attorney to represent you who is not afraid to fight aggressively on your behalf, whether in settlement negotiations or in court.

For more than a decade, the Law Offices of Amanda L. H. Brinton LLC have provided this service to clients in Wilmington and the surrounding areas. Whether your dispute involves a personal injury case, a real estate matter, medical malpractice or some other situation, you will receive dedicated and competent legal representation geared towards a successful resolution of your legal issue.

Helping Protect Your Interests

In civil litigation, two or more parties become involved in a dispute where money damages or specific remedies are sought by one of the parties against the other as opposed to criminal sanctions. A civil litigator is a lawyer who represents individuals in court trials, hearings, mediations, and arbitrations. These types of cases cover a wide range of disputes.

Common types of civil litigation are:

  • Personal injury cases, including medical malpractice, premises liability and product liability
  • Employment and labor disputes, such as sexual harassment and wrongful termination cases
  • Construction disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Antitrust matters
  • Workers’ compensation disputes

If you are involved in any type of dispute or situation where you have been wronged by another and need to seek legal recourse through the courts, you will need the services of a reliable civil litigation attorney. Ms. Brinton has represented many clients in such cases throughout her career, and she is fully qualified and prepared to help you.

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