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Helping Clients Through The Difficulties Of Family Law Matters

Each family law matter is unique and reflective of the relationship between the individuals.

Because of the varied and long-range impact these issues can have on your life, your family relationships and your finances, it is important to engage the services of a lawyer who will ensure that you make informed decisions that will benefit all those involved.

At the Law Offices of Amanda L. H. Brinton LLC, we take care to provide strong, capable assistance to individuals with family law issues across Wilmington. For over a decade, Ms. Brinton has supplied clients in Delaware and Pennsylvania with creative solutions to difficult and often stressful issues, including all matrimonial matters.

At our small, client-friendly offices, you will receive the dedicated attention you need and deserve from an attorney that cares.

Helping Individuals And Families

In particular, we strive to assist clients with the following matters:

  • Divorce: We handle all aspects of the divorce / dissolution of marriage process, from parental questions to issues regarding tax and financial repercussions.
  • Child custody and visitation: Our firm works with you to best represent your child’s best interest while balancing parental rights and needs, and accommodating for work schedule or other factors.
  • Child support: We can assist you in determining child support obligations to help ensure  financial stability for the child while respecting parental financial means and obligations.
  • Alimony: We help clients with both paying and receiving financial support, as well as drafting an amicable agreement.
  • Property distribution: including helping clients agree upon a mutually understood distribution of assets or litigating marital property disputes.

We help with everything from drafting prenuptial agreements to separation agreements and helping with post-divorce modifications.

As a seasoned family law attorney, Ms. Brinton will take the time to explain the legal consequences and aspects of your legal issue and make every effort to help you achieve the case results you seek.

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