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Representing Your Interests In Child Support Matters

Frequently, in addition to child custody, questions about child support are a central point in any divorce proceeding that involves children. Whether joint custody agreement is reached or not, both parents want to know how much child support is to be expected. Often, this question is answered by a simple calculation. However, since the conditions of a child support obligation can impact your finances for the foreseeable future, it’s important to consult with a knowledgeable lawyer that can represent your side.

At the Law Offices of Amanda L. H. Brinton LLC, we have assisted clients across Delaware and Pennsylvania for over a decade with both simple and complex child support arrangements and other family law issues. Handling everything from high net worth cases that involve significant financial considerations, to assisting families on determining the optimal split, we advocate for both our client and the child’s best interests.

Dealing With The Details Of Child Support Payments And Agreements

Child support is determined by a calculation that takes into account the wages and earnings of both parents, as well as what the custody arrangement is, and several other factors. Often, there are opportunities for an attorney to craft a more suitable agreement, particularly in cases that involve additional expenses, such as private school or child care.

Our firm understands that child support agreements often do not accurately reflect the changing lifestyles, particularly years in advance. We have helped individuals with modification of child support payments, to allow for more flexibility. In addition, we have helped with the enforcement of child support. Whatever your needs, we put your interests at the forefront.

Working With You To Best Represent Your Interests

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